UNECA, Transformative Industrial Policy for Africa

Het onderzoek van de Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) produceert jaarlijks een groot volume aan data. Deze data wordt vaak in multilinguale rapporten uitgebracht. In dit geval in zowel Engels als Frans. Dat brengt een extra uitdaging want verschillende talen nemen nooit dezelfde hoeveelheid ruimte in in tekst. Wat is de optimale lay-out voor beide talen zonder dat de inhoud gaat schuiven van pagina tot pagina?

African countries are in the process of upgrading and promoting the development of higher-productivity sectors, including manufacturing and high-end services. One of the key elements is the need to expand the industrial sector, which provides opportunities for employment generation, integration and value addition for boosting export earnings and income generation.
This specialized report is intended as a contribution to the thinking process of how to conceptualize and implement transformative industrial policies. It aims to serve as a guide for supporting member states and provide concrete strategies for the integration of industrial policies into national development plans across the continent.


  • Klant: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, in samenwerking met Dilucidar en Studio Lampro
  • Periode: oktober 2015
  • Url: uneca.org/publications